New E-Commerce Store – SEO Results

Will Jo

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Initial Scope

This was a new e-commerce store that came to us for an SEO strategy that would help them rank against competitors. Their main product line was items ranging between $40 – $250. They had minor blog content to start with but nothing substantial.

Project Audit

Since this was a very young site – it did not have any penalties and nothing was over optimized. It was a clean start and a quick audit.

Competitive Analysis & Strategy

We discovered around 80 potential keyword targets for the strategy that were mostly on the bottom of page 1 through page 4 of the Google SERPs. These terms and URLs were a mix between product pages, the home page, and the blog pages.

E-commerce can become a bit convoluted when trying to determine how to overtake competitors based on a competitive gap analysis. This is due to there being so many different products with different brands and descriptions. The thing we found with the competitor’s product pages and descriptions specifically was that they were not utilizing strong long-form, descriptive, keyword rich content. This is where we would capitalize and outrank them for these targeted keywords. When we collaborated with the client on these keyword assessments and shared our strategy they loved it and guided us on what keywords would be most profitable for them.

We analyzed the competitive gap in keywords from the site’s direct competitors and found over 300 keywords that needed to be addressed if we were to overtake them. We shared this with the client and scheduled it in our overall strategy.


After 5 massive 1000+ word articles surrounding the targeted keywords as well as optimizing their brand pages the organic traffic started to spike.

With the creation of these long-form blog content pieces in our arsenal (compared to the competitors’ plain product pages), we can start building links to these valuable assets to build more traffic on top.

Because of this strong foundation we have so many more opportunities for Google to flood this site with extremely qualified traffic. Just the sheer number of keywords the site is ranking for compared to competitors has almost solidified it’s position on the top of the SERPs.

d traffic. Just the sheer number of keywords the site is ranking for compared to competitors has almost solidified its position on the top of the SERPs.

Pomelo Juice!

The squeeze from this case study is that a good foundational structure is a key to building a strong SEO campaign. The long-form cornerstone content we developed will help increase traffic to the site even more in the future.