SEO Results for a SaaS Company

Will Jo

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Initial Scope

We were approached by a SaaS company with big-ticket sales. They wanted to target highly valuable keywords that had low search volumes. These keywords, however, were bottom of the funnel and each conversion was highly profitable for them. They had a fully built website with blog articles that had great content. For some reason, they just weren’t ranking for these highly profitable keywords. They reached out to us to see if we could help.

Project Audit

When we audited their current site we saw no previous penalties issued and nothing wrong with their technical site structure. We concluded that the reason their content wasn’t ranking was the lack of internal and external links to their site. We needed to increase their link juice and boost their overall content count in order for them to rank!

Competitive Analysis & Strategy

Compared to their direct competitors the site had great content. In their niche, however, getting a handful of more clients translates into over $100K+ per year per client. Some of the PPC keywords were up to $130 per click which tells you how competitive this niche was.

We started increasing the site authority by targeting search terms that had way lower volume but were relevant in the niche. We ended up finding 114 terms with a cost per click of around $20 and capitalized on those initially and it ended up being extremely lucrative for the overall site.

We analyzed the competitive gap in keywords from the site’s direct competitors and found over 300 keywords that needed to be addressed if we were to overtake them. We shared this with the client and scheduled it in our overall strategy.


This is the site after our efforts two months in and the results are tremendous!

You can see the amount of targeted organic keywords skyrocket which increases the overall traffic to the site:

Which translates into higher traffic dollar values for the client:

Pomelo Juice!

What you can squeeze out of this case study is that if you have great focused content for your main keywords – you should also target secondary keywords found from the competitive gap analysis as well as build out juicy links to increasing your ranking.