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Who is Custom Lanyards 4 All?

CustomLanyards4All is a company that specializes in creating high-quality custom printed lanyards and other promotional products such as wristbands, bags, and office products. The Long Island City based team wanted to capture the local market as well as rank nationally for their most competitive terms.


1. Site Structure & Keyword Mapping

The CustomLanyards4All team had plans to redesign their old website and wanted to ensure that the SEO juice from the previous website was maintained. This would involve mapping out a comprehensive redirect strategy that ensured no pages were lost in the transition.

Additionally, the old website had a horrible URL structure that is prevalent among e-commerce sites. An example would be something like customlanyards4all.com/product_category/double%ended%lanyards/33291. We needed to fix this and ensure that the new site had clean URL structures that Google would recognize easily.

Along with architecting the site structure, we needed to perform keyword research and planning to ensure that we avoided keyword cannibalization among the pages. We wanted to ensure that there was one primary keyword per page.

2. Local SEO

Since the company was moving their headquarters to Long Island City in queens – they wanted to make sure that they were showing up on local results as well when people were searching for their primary keyword – “custom lanyards.” This would help offset some of the ramp up period that it would take to rank nationally by facilitating some local sales.


1. GMB Optimization

We knew that optimizing for the local market would be a great quick win to start the campaign so we set up their Google My Business property and filled in all the necessary data points. We optimized the listing with geo-tagged images and keyword focused descriptions. Afterwards we created major relevant citations and g-suite stacks to push additional power to the listing. We created posts to drive initial interest with hopes to push clicks to the website.

2. On-Page Optimization

With a new site build it is imperative to make sure that the on-page is solid so we can establish a strong foundation to build on top of. We went and manually set all the title tags, meta descriptions, schema data, and open graph data to match the content on the page. This took quite a bit of work but it ensures that our margin of error due to automatically generated data is minimized. We then corrected the h-tags on the page to target our primary and secondary keywords. We extended out the existing content on the major pages to include more latent semantic indexing as well as creating new pages to target some keywords opportunities that were being missed.

3. Site Restructure

The new website was built with standard URL structures that were not SEO friendly so we built a new site structure that was intuitive for both users and search engines. The new site structure cut out fillers and created a URL that read exactly like a breadcrumb so Google and potential users would know exactly where they were being directed to.

4. Off-Page Optimization

The website didn’t have a clean backlink profile. There is quite a bit of spam from previous SEOs building web 2.0’s with exact match anchors. Rather than disavow right off the bat we wanted to build some quality backlinks first and measure the overall effect. If we didn’t need to disavow to move higher, it would have been a better move because we don’t know the overall impact of those spam links. We prospected relevant websites that allowed guest posting in the main verticals that we wanted to reach. These were businesses, events, and schools. We created a master prospecting list and started outreach to acquire backlinks.


This is still an ongoing campaign and we’ll update this case study as we experience the full effects of our efforts – but we’ve really impressed ourselves with the results we’ve achieved in a short amount of time.

1. Rankings

We’ve already moved the website up from page three to page one within 3 months of our campaign. Additionally, With the optimizations we made to the GMB listing – the company is showing up on the organic maps listings for their main keyword – “custom lanyards.”

2. Organic Traffic

When the new website was launched in mid-September the traffic took a dive because of the huge restructure we had completed. Google took around two weeks to sort everything out and start displaying the proper pages on the search engine results page. With the core update in January – you can see the huge spike in traffic as that’s when we broke through to the first page. Traffic is steadily increasing month over month since the new website launched and we’re projecting to hit 3,000 users / month by March 2020.

3. Referring Domains

We started our backlink acquisition campaign a bit after the website was launched. Since one of their target markets is schools, we focused on obtaining .edu links primarily. After acquiring a good number of .edu links we expanded our focus to business and event focused websites with organic traffic and solid domain ratings. 

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