Videos are the most effective marketing tools.

Many video production companies in NYC make a major mistake. They make videos from an artistic standpoint. Pomelo Marketing ensures videos are optimized to market your company and brand on social media platforms. We don’t create videos for the New York Film Festival – we create it for YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram.

Most of our videos reach over 100,000 people based on Facebook and YouTube analytics. We know what converts and how to shoot it. We love to use top-grade equipment such as Canon M5’s, Canon 80D’s, DJI drones, Zhiyun Cranes, and others.

Production, Editing, Color Grading, & Distribution

Hiring Pomelo Marketing for your content creation and media production is like having a dedicated production team working on improving your brand and business at an affordable price. What sets us apart from other video production companies in NYC is that we know what kind of videos convert well on digital marketing platforms.

We got into the business because we found ourselves trying to match videos made for the movies (that were extremely expensive) to Facebook Ads campaigns. The synergy and the intent were not present – so we decided to provide the service ourselves.

We understand that an e-commerce brand and a small business will have different videos for their campaigns. Since our video ideas are data driven, we are able to take the guess work out of content creation and replicate what works for your business.

If you need highly optimized video content for your social media marketing campaigns, don’t hesitate to contact us: