Facebook has 2 billion monthly users with over 5 million companies buying advertising space to target them. These companies are utilizing the platform advantageously to target their ideal audience.

In order to pinpoint your target audience for different business goals (such as engagement, conversions, link clicks, or sales) you need a digital marketing agency that can navigate the Facebook ecosystem confidently – like Pomelo Marketing.

Why are Facebook Ads so popular?

Facebook contains loads of data on their users that companies can utilize to hyper-target their advertisements. Data points such as age, gender, geographic location, interests, hobbies, employment, income level, behaviors, etc. are all available to configuration.

Additionally, Facebook’s ad costs can be lower than other pay-per-click advertisers such as Google Ads when executed correctly. Businesses can utilize Facebook’s ad pixel to retarget users on the platform after they’ve interacted with the ad.

At Pomelo Marketing we utilize all these tools to provide results-driven Facebook Ads that deliver your brand’s message and story to the most relevant audiences. Is your company looking to target dog owners aged between 35-60 who love BBQ and Madonna or small business owners in Georgia who are engaged online shoppers? Pomelo Marketing works with you to execute lean Facebook campaigns that convert.

Our advertising process looks like this:

  • We create and test media forms and ad copy to determine which versions resonate with the target audiences
  • We then run conversion ads to facilitate our engaged audience to take a specified action – this usually means bringing them off of Facebook and onto your website
  • The users who have interacted but have not converted are retargeted with a separate ad
  • The data for the users who have converted is used to create lookalike audiences to scale
  • We constantly monitor and tweak the performance of the ads to maximize returns on your investments

What about Instagram?

Because Facebook owns Instagram we are able to run ads on both platforms. From our experience there are some businesses that perform better on Instagram compared to Facebook. Both ad platforms are controlled from Facebook’s Ad Manager and can be targeted to the same level of detail. Our Facebook Ads package contains Instagram Ads as well – we test to see which performs better and adjust accordingly.

We focus on details that bring results.

There is a notion that Facebook Ads are cost-effective and anyone can run them. We’ve seen business run ads with huge spend and no results. Don’t let this happen to you!

Our team has been utilizing Facebook Ads since it’s inception and knows the platform inside and out. We fully manage your ads and deliver the results that you’ve been looking for.

Whether you’re ready to scale out your ad campaign or starting a fresh one – we do a deep dive and analyze exactly what your business goals are and tailor a strategy specific to your business needs.

Collaboration is the most important aspect of our business and we’d like to show you the fruits of teamwork. Contact us for a free consultation today: