Google Shopping Ads are a smart way to generate massive sales for your e-commerce store. Often over-looked as a viable traffic source, they present your products front and center to willing buyers.

What are Google Shopping Ads?

Google Shopping Ads are advertisements that showcase products for specific search queries directly on Google’s platform – without the need of clicking through to a website.

They can either be located on the top of the search results or on a full panel to the right. The lone images on a page full of text make users look before reading. 

Why Shopping Ads?

Clicks on Google Shopping Ads are increasing 170% year-over-year, so many e-commerce stores and physical retailers are increasingly utilizing this highly profitable platform to facilitate sales. Our ROI-focused approach works for retailers of any size, ranging from local boutiques to major e-commerce giants. We refine campaigns to ensure that:

  • Products are segmented precisely to show up for the correct queries to maximize relevancy
  • Data is always optimized and updated to reflect the latest inventory levels, images, and product descriptions
  • Bids are monitored and budgets are optimized to put your products in the spotlight at a profitable spend

How Does This Work?

Google Shopping Ads are managed through the Google Ads platform via the Shopping campaigns. We utilize your existing Merchant Center product data to decide on optimal display strategies. We use the product data in the Merchant Center, such as product details, to calculate relevancy.

To get started, you’ll send us your product data and we’ll create your campaigns in AdWords. We work with you to determine which products to display along with their image, product descriptions, price, and copy. We want to qualify customers using this information before they click on the product to make sure that you are paying exclusively for highly interested customers.

If you are considering a Google Shopping Ads strategy to promote your products, contact us for a free consultation today: