What is influencer marketing?

Influencer marketing is reaching out directly to prominent figures within the industry to promote your product or service. This usually comes in the form of a content piece or testimonial. Consider it a blend of old and new marketing – take a celebrity endorsement and place it on a modern content-driven marketing campaign.

An influencer can be anyone with a substantial following. A great way to think about the advantages of using influencers is that you have direct access to a group of people that you can advertise to exclusively.

Untapped markets such as micro-influencers on Instagram or streamers on Twitch provide extremely cost effective marketing for businesses on a budget. Then there are huge influencers such as big named YouTube stars and prominent bloggers that have access to millions of people who digest their content on a regular basis. By advertising your product through these channels it gives you an endorsement and direct access to a huge number of people.

What we do.

Influencers are people who have spent considerable amounts of time and money growing their brands. The majority are protective of their brand’s image and very selective with who they want to work with. We know what influencers are looking for and how to provide them the content and marketing strategies they need to promote your business effectively.

Connecting with influencers who are relevant and beneficial to your brand is difficult. We take a structured approach to influencer marketing:

  • We identify who the most relevant influencers are based on which social media platform your customers will be using the most
  • We reach out and start a business negotiation to determine the different pricing levels and make cost-benefit analyses
  • We curate and provide the necessary content required to utilize the influencer’s platform (this may be a video, image, blog post, or some combination of these)
  • We track conversions and the performance on ad spend and follow up with a posting schedule if needed

Influencer marketing is a more guerrilla type approach that can have massive benefits compared to other digital marketing methods. We’ve realized this early on and have taken measurable steps to forming an awesome network that we can tap into when needed. If you’d like to learn more about our influencer marketing agency in NYC, please feel free to schedule a consultation: