Have your business listed on hundreds of local directories with Pomelo Marketing.

Would you trust a business that had inconsistent information throughout varied sources? Is it Mary’s Salon or Jared’s Sandwiches? Is it on Queens Boulevard or on Austin Street? Google’s algorithm does not trust inconsistencies throughout the internet just as much as you don’t trust Jane’s Bakery.

A major part of our local SEO strategy, in addition to a solid on page SEO foundation, is using advanced data aggregators to build highly effective map citations. What this means is that we go through hundreds of directories online and ensure that your NAP (name, address, & phone number) is consistent throughout the internet.

Pomelo Marketing ensures that your citations and directories are optimized with accurate business information, optimal images for viewership, and begin a review generation and management campaign.

With all of these different elements at work, your local business listings will get a significant boost in rankings and increase your visibility to customers.