Off page SEO means outreach and getting backlinks.

After a strong foundation is built using a structured on page SEO strategy – the next step is reaching out and getting your content known. Although adding high quality content that targets keywords is important to a great SEO strategy – the most difficult part is getting that content seen throughout the internet. By linking your content on other websites, social media profiles, publications, and guest blogging sites – it pushes your website’s authority and relevancy to your target market.

An effective outreach program can be complex to plan and administer. The team at Pomelo has the experience and connections needed to attain quality backlinks from websites that are super relevant to your business. Here are some ways that we get coveted backlinks to your website:

  • Guest Posting: There are highly relevant blogs that will allow you to post high quality content on their site. This help increase brand recognition and boost your authority while simultaneously linking content back to your site.
  • Press ReleasesWhether is the hire of a new employee or an impressive milestone – we help write and spread press releases that can be seen throughout the industry. These releases are circulated through websites that Google views highly and the quality of the links are increased because of it.
  • Social Media: Social Media’s reach is becoming wider by the day as more people use it regularly. By having active social media accounts we can post the high quality content created during the on page SEO phase and have social signals passing through to the website. Social media shares are considered a quality traffic source for Google if the post seen and shared frequently. This process can be boosted using paid traffic.