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SEO strategies that focus on real results - not vanity metrics.

Our SEO Process

There are many moving parts to a well-structured SEO campaign and trying to manage them all simultaneously can be a nightmare. Our proven process streamlines these moving parts by allowing us to be hyper-focused and hyper-productive to deliver the highest quality SEO to our clients.

Data Analysis

If your website has existing data from Google Analytics & Search Console, we pull the important metrics and cross-reference it with data from Ahrefs. This helps us formulate a high-level direction for the campaign.


You have knowledge regarding your website, business, and industry that needs to be relayed to our team. We have an onboarding process that helps us understand your business better through targeted questions.

Competitor Landscaping

We use tools like Ahrefs and Buzzsumo to inspect what is working in your vertical and what competitors are doing successfully. This helps us create a proper multi-channel SEO strategy.

Comprehensive SEO Audit

We perform a comprehensive SEO audit that will identify the major issues that the site has and prioritizes which points to tackle first. We target the items that will yield the biggest returns first.

Why work with us

We do everything in house.

We never outsource your work to a third party overseas. All work is done in house by our professional team of knowledgeable SEOs. By creating bespoke campaigns for our clients we outperform other competitors who simply “white-label” standardized services from cheap overseas providers.

We get results.

Ranking in the first position for obscure keywords that have zero search volume will not get your business results that matter. Our 100% whitehat process focuses on getting websites significant organic traffic that converts. We have numerous case studies that prove our system works.

We collaborate.

There are tons of agencies who take your money and send you a PDF document every month. Not us. We provide monthly calls to discuss what has been done and what we have planned so you are in the loop every step of the way. Collaboration is at our core and we believe the best results are produced when working together.

We are safe.

Our process is 100% whitehat meaning we don’t do anything shady. We understand that your business is not something to be taken lightly or experimented with. We are never afraid to share any link that we build or content that we write. You can rest easy knowing that we’re a trusted partner that you can rely on.

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Frequently Asked Questions

We charge a monthly retainer fee for our services. That retainer fee is built based on the number of hours required to work on your website over the life of your campaign. Those hours are then amortized into a monthly retainer amount. Fees are due at the beginning of every month to retain our agency.