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Increase leads and revenue by outranking your competitors on Google.


Boost your website to the first page of Google for multiple targeted keywords. Increase your traffic using our proven SEO strategies.​


Capture potential traffic that is highly likely to convert while simultaneously increasing brand recognition utilizing a variety of Google Ads.

Web Design

Your business website is the backbone to all marketing operations. It is the first and last impression of a sale – so it needs to be finely tuned to convert.

Pomelo Marketing is based in Queens, New York and was founded by Will Jo. Will is an avid search engine optimization practitioner. He has ranked numerous sites for clients – providing returns on investments that can’t be matched through other methods of marketing. He frequently holds seminars and workshops helping businesses increase their online visibility.

Our SEO methodology is a proven process to bring results.


The first stage is to analyze your current website. We look for any technical or UX (user experience) that may be hurting your search engine visibility.


The second stage is researching keyword opportunities, competitor gaps, link building opportunities, and any other possible routes we can take to enhance your search engine performance.


The third stage involves creating a strategy to prioritize which actions will provide the greatest results in the shortest amount of time. We then create an editorial calendar and prioritizing your link opportunities.


The fourth stage is when we take action and optimize your website according to the outlined strategy and see your ranking skyrocket.


The fifth stage is when we develop a base of content assets that will be used to rank for long-tail keywords and to attract backlinks naturally to your website.

Link Building

The sixth part of the process (which is on-going) is to begin acquiring backlinks to your website and content assets. This will build your website’s authority, so it’s easier to rank in Google (and keep your rankings).

SEO is an important marketing tool used to rank websites on search engines such as Google, Bing, and Yahoo. Businesses that are ranking currently are doing so because they have invested the time and money into the infrastructure required to build a lasting online asset. Search Engine Optimization is the epitome of inbound marketing and provides extremely high returns.

We use SEO to grow our own business.

We're not all talk like most agencies out there. We're a Queens SEO company that actually practices what we preach. 99% of our leads come from Google and YouTube search. We know this works and how powerful it is.

We use a proven system.

Our system is designed to get results. We've done it multiple times for various industries with differing levels of complexity. The best thing about our system is that it is 100% white-hat and abides by Google's algorithm. We don't try any shortcuts or manipulation. We believe that setting up online assets through evergreen methods creates long-lasting returns for your business even if you stop working with us.

We collaborate and communicate.

You're the experts at your business - so we collaborate with you relay your expertise to the world. We take your knowledge and we use different forms of content generation such as video, blogs, and infographics to create online assets. We keep in constant communication throughout the entire process so you know exactly what is going on. We believe that if you lose trust in us or the overall vision of the project, then we have lost.

We are local.

Being that we're headquartered in Queens, we know what goes on in town. We'll see each other at meetups and workshops. Best of all, we're just a phone call away. If you want to discuss business, your next great venture, or where your next vacation is going to be - we'll be here to listen. We don't consider our clients to be customers (it feels too transactional) - we'd like to consider think of you as our partner (we like to force people to be in a relationship with us).

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