Atlas Scientific Content Case Study

How Pomelo increased organic traffic by over 300% in 12 months for Atlas Scientific

Atlas Scientific knew they needed an SEO strategy to increase their organic presence for their laboratory-grade sensing equipment e-commerce store but didn’t know where to start.

Despite having a strong reputation in the industry, Atlas Scientific recognized their organic search presence was lackluster compared to their competitors and wanted to increase brand awareness and online sales.

They knew they needed to rank higher and attract more customers organically if they were to stay competitive, but didn’t have the necessary resources to research and execute a digital marketing strategy that would confidently give them a positive return on their investment.

Competitors had a disproportionate share of organic traffic

No SEO knowledge to reliably beat competitors in SERPs

Writing wasn't their greatest strength

After analyzing Atlas Scientific’s website authority and brand positioning, we worked closely with the marketing team to understand their target audience and product offerings.

This allowed us to find topics and questions that their target audience would be interested in.

We then created a team of researchers, writers, and editors to create SEO optimized content for Atlas Scientific’s blog that would speak directly to buyers and introduce potential product offerings that they may find useful.

Our research team discovered hundreds of potential articles that would potentially rank well for Atlas Scientific’s current website metrics, but executed on those that we knew would reliably send traffic to the website.

Our team of expert writers in environmental monitoring and water chemistry wrote over 150 articles for Atlas Scientific’s blog which covered topics ranging from growing cannabis to industrial wastewater management systems all while linking back to specific products and product categories that the reader would find useful.

In-depth keyword research and analysis to uncover topics which would have a positive ROI

Expert writers craft professional content that speaks to Atlas Scientific's target buyers

Optimized articles that interlink other relevant posts and products that buyers would be interested in

Since working with Publishly, Atlas Scientific’s traffic increased by over 300% in 2022 and their revenue attributed to search traffic increased more than 20%.

This is because Atlas Scientific’s rankings for primary product-based keywords have also increased dramatically through careful internal linking and establishing topical relevance.

They hold number 1 positions for over 300 keywords and rank in the top 10 for over 2,000 which attracts over 2,500 organic search visits per day to the website.

300% increase in traffic over 12-months

20% increase in search-based revenue

Over 2,000 keywords in the top 10 of SERPs

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