Best WordPress SEO Plugins

Search engine optimization is a necessity for any website. Because WordPress is the most popular content management system and website builder in 2019, there are a variety of SEO plugins available. However, because of the wide selection, you may be wondering which is the best for your website. In this post, we share our favorite WordPress SEO Plugins for 2019.

1. SEO Framework

This is number one on our list because we use it for all of our sites. We believe it is the best SEO plugin for WordPress because it is extremely lean and fast compared to the other ones on the market and the SEO Framework team makes it a point to let you know. We love it because it doesn’t contain the bloat, upsells, and other miscellaneous functions that just slow down your WordPress site. And, as you already know, site speed is a huge factor in SEO.

It contains the main functions that you would look for in an SEO plugin such as setting your title tags and meta descriptions. The plugin also includes color indicators to quickly show you have exceeded the character limit.

For other functions, there are plugin extensions that you can buy through a subscription model – but we love the fact that you can accomplish everything you really need through the free option.

2. SEOPress

SEOPress is a great freemium plugin that is used by both personal websites and agencies to white-label their SEO services. The great thing about this plugin is that unlike other paid plugins where you either pay monthly or per site, SEOPress has a one-time payment of $39 for the premium version that you can use on an unlimited number of sites!

The pro version is the best value for the price compared to other plugins on the market because of the wide variety of features that it includes. It has everything from local SEO to WooCommerce integration.

The main reason we love it is because of the white-label functionality for working on client websites. It is a plugin that can be branded as your own with no reference to SEOPress.

3. Yoast SEO

Yoast SEO used to be our favorite plugin. We used Yoast for every one of our sites until June of 2018 when they had a bug that caused rankings for many sites to drop unexpectedly. Still, Yoast is probably still the most popular SEO plugin for WordPress on the market.

The reason that Yoast remains one of the most popular SEO plugins for WordPress is that they are the most user-friendly plugin that helps you configure and optimize many aspects of your website.

They additionally have a premium option that has loads of features that many people may find extremely helpful. Their premium plugins package cost $89 per site.

4. All in One SEO Pack

Although we’ve never personally tried the All in One SEO Pack, we definitely know how popular it is. It is easily the second most popular SEO plugin after Yoast.

This is also a freemium model where the base package is free but for premium support you can pay $57. For developers and agencies there are higher priced packages supporting multiple installations.

They claim that they are the original SEO plugin that has been downloaded over 50 million times. The only drawback of being the original is that sometimes the interface may be cluttered and clunky compared to the newer plugins that are on this list.


If you couldn’t tell – we really recommend going with either The SEO Framework or SEOPress. The SEO Framework is lean and suitable for anyone that needs to adjust basic SEO functionalities. Additionally, if you want the full suite for multiple websites (or run an agency) go with SEOPress – you really can’t beat their value.

As newer and better SEO plugins appear in the market, we’ll be sure to test and review them as well and keep you updated!

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