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Outrank competitors on Google to increase your sales and grow your business.

New York is Crowded

Make sure your business stands out from the competition by partnering with a reputable SEO agency that measures success based on results and not vanity metrics. Chances are that you Googled New York SEO and found us - we can help your business achieve similar results for your vertical with a bespoke search engine optimization campaign.

See how we increased organic traffic by 317% for a NYC-based e-commerce brand.

Why work with us

We do everything in house.

We never outsource your work to a third party overseas. All work is done in house in New York City by our professional team of knowledgeable SEOs. By creating bespoke campaigns for our clients we outperform other competitors who simply “white-label” standardized services from cheap overseas providers.

We get results.

Ranking in the first position for obscure keywords that have zero search volume will not get your business results that matter. Be wary of people who show you their rankings without the search volume – they most likely don’t have any. Our 100% whitehat process focuses on getting websites significant organic traffic that converts. We have numerous case studies that prove our system works.

We collaborate.

There are tons of agencies who take your money and send you a PDF document every month. Not us. We provide monthly calls to discuss what has been done and what we have planned so you are in the loop every step of the way. Collaboration is at our core and we believe the best results are produced when working together.

We are safe.

Our process is 100% whitehat meaning we don’t do anything shady. We understand that your business is not something to be taken lightly or experimented with. We are never afraid to share any link that we build or content that we write. You can rest easy knowing that we’re a trusted partner that you can rely on.

Our SEO Process

Our SEO process is structured in a way that builds on top of a solid foundation. Because of the many moving parts in an SEO campaign, we designed a streamlined process that helps us organize and track the necessary components needed for tangible results.

Analyze technical elements of the site and improve performance

Search engines like sites that are easy to understand. They have to crawl billions of pages on the internet, after all. To keep Google coming back to your site our team of SEO technicians run a full audit of your website and perform the necessary fixes to keep the Google bots happy. We look at things like site structure, load times, responsiveness, and user experience.

What our clients say

Alex Mirza
Alex Mirza
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True SEO experts and leaders in every sense of the word. Will and his team are among some of the most knowledgable in the industry, can't recommend enough.
Ed Huen
Ed Huen
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Pomelo Marketing has redefined our digital marketing strategy through their search engine optimization strategies. Our international logistics company needed a way to advertise our services to the local markets we service. They have spiked our traffic and sales and we couldn't be happier.
Keika Okuda
Keika Okuda
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Pomelo Marketing designed and developed a new website that reflected our updated brand image and we noticed an immediate increase in conversions.
Ridge Choi
Ridge Choi
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Pomelo Marketing's SEO services are hands-down the best in the city. They helped me increase organic traffic to my website which grew my business after stagnating for years. Will is an expert in digital marketing and designed an omnichannel approach for us that helped increase our inbound leads and online exposure tremendously. I can't recommend Pomelo's team highly enough for the results they provided.
John Lear
John Lear
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When our firm decided to look into building a new website, we interviewed multiple companies and heard numerous pitches. After being in the Princeton community for over 35+ years and having thousands of clients, we needed to make sure that our website was inviting, informative, and most importantly, easy to use for our clients. In short, the product we received exceeded our expectations and we have received nothing but compliments with our new website.

We're based in NYC!

Unlike other companies that may be based in other states (or even other countries) who are ranking for “New York SEO Agency” – we’re based locally in Long Island City. We’re always open to meeting clients in person and discussing projects over a cup of coffee or in our office.

Omnichannel Digital Marketing

As digital marketing evolves it is imperative that businesses take an omnichannel approach to customer acquisition. The mere-exposure effect is psychological phenomenon which realizes that people tend to develop a preference for things because they are more familiar with them. What this translates to in terms of modern marketing is that you need to appear in front of your potential customers eighteen to twenty times in order for them to convert. Our SEO strategies target every stage of the customer buying journey (also known as a marketing funnel). From the top-level discovery stages to the final purchase stages, we position our clients to be experts in their vertical so the customers are familiar with the brand and will easily convert. We take an omnichannel approach to having our clients’ website show up everywhere in forms of video, infographics, podcasts, and blog content.

Full Service Agency

We provide full service digital marketing solutions for your business. From web design to PPC campaigns, we are able to help you cohesively combine marketing strategies together so they work in synergy. If you have existing teams in place – no worries – we can work seamlessly with your team to execute the necessary changes and implementations to make sure the campaigns are successful.


Boost your website to the first page of Google for multiple targeted keywords. Increase your traffic using our proven SEO strategies.‚Äč


Capture potential traffic that is highly likely to convert while simultaneously increasing brand recognition utilizing a variety of Google Ads.

Web Design

Your business website is the backbone to all marketing operations. It is the first and last impression of a sale – so it needs to be finely tuned to convert.

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Frequently Asked Questions

We charge a monthly retainer fee for our services. That retainer fee is built based on the number of hours required to work on your website over the life of your campaign. Those hours are then amortized into a monthly retainer amount. Fees are due at the beginning of every month to retain our agency.